Field trip this Saturday January 6 2018

The field trip this Saturday will be held in Eagle Pass. We will meet at the Stripes gasoline station on Veterans Boulevard, at the corner of Second street. There is an enormous water tower at that intersection. We will gather there at 8 O’clock . A personal disclaimer is to be signed and a payment of five dollars will be collected to enter the pit. Herd hats are required and a safety vest will be worn while in the pit. We will depart the station at 9 A.M. we will caravan to the site just north of Eagle Pass.

The hunt ends at 2 P.M. It is suggested that each individual take with them a couple of gallons of water to spray the rocks in order to identify what you want topick up, and also to spray your own mouth from time to time.

Sam Rodgers 210-240-7721.